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awakening we within me

1 - 9 JULY 2016




We offer a Rite of Passage to withdraw into the wilderness. An invitation to remember who you are and take your place in the circle of life. An opportunity for fundamental awakening and deepening your connection with life. Your transformation is supported by the primal wilderness of South Africa, expert local guides and two facilitators with combined more than 35 years of experience with vision quests, personal development programs and coaching. Welcome.


‘My fire, which can be quite eruptive, has been challenging and teaching me lately. It is helping me own my gift to set people and systems free to live their calling. Important lessons came when keeping a fire under the stars.’    Klara Adalena



Deep down you will know if this is for you. Are you ready to let go of the life you know to make space for the life that’s waiting? This is for leaders and pioneers in their fields who sense nature can show the way to a world more sustainable, both socially and ecologically, and who are ready to dive. People who understand we need to progress beyond ego, patterns and habits to truly serve and innovate. Humans who are ready to liberate themselves and to lead through presence.


‘My biggest challenge is to embrace all of me and to overcome my tendency to want to ‘manage’ life. My biggest joy is to support others in recognising their true nature. Inviting awakening is what I do.’  Daniel Mulock Houwer



We trust time alone in nature helps us to awaken to what it truly means to be human. Come surrender to life in this ancient Rite of Passage and move beyond illusions of separation. Bow to nature and awaken as human in total harmony with the circle of life. That is what we mean with: awakening we within me.  We feel it’s the essence of where we are at in our own lives and we feel blessed to share this with you through Vision Quest Africa. From our hearts, from the heart of Africa, welcome.

Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better  ~  Albert Einstein











All-One time with Nature



A vision quest is a shamanic ritual where the quester withdraws into nature to connect to the earth and to find wisdom and courage to live her or his destiny. Powerful in itself, through the process before and after it becomes a life changing journey.

The Vision Quest is embedded in an overall programme of more than 5 months. It consists of several elements:

  • An intake with one of the facilitators to clarify your motivation and intentions
  • An evening with the group for further preparations (circa 1 month before)
  • A one-week immersion in the African wilderness building up to a solo of two days and nights
  • A day with the group to help you integrate your experience (after circa 4 months)

Together, these five months are a Rite of Passage enabling you to enter the next phase of your life with all of who you are.


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All-one time in wilderness lets you shed layer after layer until you merge with nature. The unspoiled and beautiful wilderness of Marataba connects you directly to Mother Earth.

Marataba is a unique piece of wilderness where the big five roam, mountains tower and rivers sparkle. Marataba is a malaria-free 23000 hectare private concession within the Marakele National Park (Limpopo, South Africa). Just four hours from Johannesburg. Marataba was recently dedicated as a nature reserve and is run by a small group of inspired sustainable local innovators. With its breath-taking beauty and protected areas it is perfectly suited for walking treks and solos.

Two highly experienced local guides from the Wilderness Leadership School will accompany us guaranteeing our safety in every situation.











Answering the Call of Life

Daniel Mulock Houwer

Daniel Mulock Houwer


A clear and loving presence awakening the desire and trust to surrender to life 

More than fifteen years ago a personal crisis started an awakening process in me. Outwardly very successful but inwardly suffering and running out of energy, the way I saw the world collapsed on me. Who am I? What do I really want? At that time my curiosity is what kept me going. And it is still one of the driving forces guiding me ‘home’. Along the way my joy and my longing to fully surrender to life kept growing. So much so that at one point I chose to dedicate my life to it. Love and Truth became my beacons. I invite you to step into the unknown and become one with life, and will hold the space for you.

Facilitator, executive coach and co-leader and co-founder of several personal development programs. Solid corporate background. Own coaching practice. Fascinated by self-realisation and the development of men. Actively deploying nature in support of my work. Important sources of inspiration: Kundalini Yoga, Advaita Vedanta and Nature.

‘Life teaches us how to live it. We just have to be awake. My own transformation and corporate background helps to make these universal lessons also accessible to business leaders.’

Klara Adalena

Dr. Klara Adalena


A powerful catalyst for healing the feminine and freeing the spirit

Over twenty years ago an experience in the Himalayas awakened me to a new sense of my life and the world. I left a promising but unfulfilling university career and jumped into the unknown. I turned the beam of my attention within. I came into contact with inner wounds, betrayal and shame, but also with fulfillment, hope and connection. Nature was my safe place, my teacher and my inspiration- and still is. Having let go everything accept my trust in myself and the journey, I rebuilt my life from my heart and intuition. I invite you to dive into the unknown, trusting yourself, and will hold up my light for you.

Trainer, coach, Vision Quest guide and founder of Priestess of Avalon Training Programs. Background in theoretical physics, author of Leven in Geluk (Living in Bliss). Now fascinated by participatory leadership and seeing how the awakening of the feminine translates into corporate questions, most recent trainings: U-Lab and Art of Hosting.

‘Quantum physics brought home to me how we shift into a world of infinite possibilities when there are no outside observers and everyone enters into relationship with everything’.











Nature our Teacher

Wilderness Leadership School

Reconnecting People And Nature For Over 55 Years


The Wilderness Leadership School (WLS) is our local partner on the ground. We are proud to work together reconnecting people to nature and self. Two WLS guides will join our team for the Vision Quest and add their expert local knowledge. We are impressed by their professionalism and respect for life and nature. Our joint intention is to make these Vision Quests also accessible for South African leaders.


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‘On trail we are guests of the natural world, we are humbled by wilderness, in awe of its complexity, power and beauty.’

Foundation for Natural Leadership

Nature as Portal to Leadership


We are grateful for The Foundation of Natural Leadership (FNL). The inspiration received by Daniel during a FNL leadership trail in Marataba contributed greatly to the development of Vision Quest Africa. We are currently in the process of being accredited as partner program. We fully underwrite FNL’s mission and are open to explore further forms of co-operation with them in the future.


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‘It is time for a new form of leadership: Natural Leadership. The kind of leadership required to discover the human potential that lies concealed within our organisations and ourselves.’  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX













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