Vision Quest Africa is a joint initiative from Klara Adalena and Daniel Mulock Houwer. Vision Quest Africa is not a legal entity in its own. The legal entities behind Vision Quest Africa are (on a 50/50 basis) Wilde Wijze Vrouw owned by Klara Adalena and DMH Company owned by Daniel Mulock Houwer. When we refer to Vision Quest Africa, we also mean the legal entities behind it as mentioned above. Vision Quest Africa organises a Rite of Passage as presented on www.visionquestafrica.com. The Rite of Passage includes the vision quest in South Africa and the other elements in the Netherlands, together referred to as the Activity.


The intention of these terms and conditions is to create clarity and avoid misunderstandings. They include conditions of participation to the Activity.


  1. Application and enrolment

You can register online for the Activity through the relevant page on the website www.visionquestafrica.com, and pay your instalment directly online. By signing up and paying you agree to these terms and conditions. After the intake you will receive an invoice for the rest of your payment. At or shortly after the intake you will be asked to sign a Letter of Agreement, to fill in and sign a medical questionnaire and an indemnity form for the Wilderness Leadership School. These signed documents are all required for your participation. In the event you decide not to participate after the intake, your instalment will be returned.


  1. Cooling

After registration you have 14 days to reconsider. Within this cooling period you can send us an email (see contact details on the website) cancelling your registration. Please refer to the cooling period. You will be reimbursed.


  1. Cancelation scheme

We encourage you to stay with a decision to participate even if  ‘resistance’ emerges. In our experience it’s part of the path. Should cancelation be needed then the following apply:

– between two and four months before departure 50%

– within two months of departure 100%

In the event you have to cancel you may propose someone to replace you. This is only possible with the consent of Vision Quest Africa. In such case an administration fee of Euro 500 (excl. VAT) will be charged.

In the event Vision Quest Africa cancels the Activity the payment for the activity will be returned, except when cancelation is due to a force majeure like for example national calamities and natural disasters, in that case Vision Quest Africa will not be liable for any refunds.


  1. Liability and insurances

You realise that the Activity organised by Vision Quest Africa involves risks for which Vision Quest Africa cannot be held accountable. Due to the nature of these risks you realise Vision Quest Africa has no insurance for this activity.

Vision Quest Africa cannot be held liable for any damage or missing of luggage by third parties. Same counts for the health and safety risks. Vision Quest Africa is never liable for your travel costs also in the case of cancelation. You are solely legally responsible and will need your own private travel and cancelation insurance to the level you desire.


  1. No guarantees

Due to the activity being in wilderness, Vision Quest Africa cannot guarantee the proposed itinerary. Also the solo and it’s length cannot be guaranteed. You understand and accept possible changes in the program are part of the risks involved.


  1. Safety

We are committed to the safety of everyone involved. In the event you don’t follow the safety instructions or otherwise bring yourself, or others at risk, you can be excluded from further participation to the activity. In that case you will not be entitled for refund.


  1. Confidentiality

We respect personal privacy. All personal information that comes to us is confidential. Personal data will not be disclosed to third parties.


  1. Errors

Apparent errors and mistakes in the website, brochures, PR material, mail, schedules and the like are not legally binding.


  1. Disputes

We assume that disputes will be resolved in mutual consultations. Should this fail parties involved will seek mediation by a to be mutually agreed impartial third party.


  1. Contingencies

In unforeseen circumstances Vision Quest Africa will decide in line and spirit with what seems just.


Prepared, Amsterdam, 1 March 2016